Sunday, June 17, 2012

WRG 2012 Mock Draft - #9 Detroit Pistons

Every once in a while, a prospect is a perfect fit for a team, and everyone realizes it.

Look through the mock drafts on all the major draft sites. They all pair this pick with John Henson. Who are we to disagree?

Greg Monroe is going to be our center for years to come. He's a skilled center who has legitimate size and skill. The only knock on him is that he doesn't protect the rim well and isn't an uber athletic freak. That's ok, though. He does so many things well, that we can live with his shortcomings in those areas.

So we obviously want to pair him with an athletic freak who can swat shots into the front row next to him. Sound like John Henson?

Henson is a spider of a specimen. He has a ridiculous reach, a gargantuan wingspan, and is a perfect complement for The Moose. Rarely do you see such a perfect fit realized, but we are just tickled pink.

With the 9th pick, the Pistons select John Henson.

Did we just pick an assistant coach?


  1. Tayshaun Prince, Austin Daye and John Henson - the only frontcourt in NBA history that has to worry about the wind currents from the air conditioning in the arena knocking them over.

  2. Height - 19' 5"
    Weight - 500 lbs.

  3. These guys would be up in the air if they sat across from Shaq on a seesaw.