Friday, June 15, 2012

2012 Draft Time!

Instead of attempting to come up with my own witty introduction, I won't even try to improve on the amazing poetic introduction of my cohort, ghoti, from last year's draft. So here it is!

Greetings, NBA fans and welcome to June!

You get a week of intense finals basketball when we all get to hop aboard the bandwagon of the Lesser of Two Evils.

After that, we can focus on NBA Christmas, a magical day when Santa Stern and his elf Russ Granik Adam Silver leave some shiny new players under your team's tree.

But who will that be?  What will these new guys bring?  Can my team finally get rid of those bums holding them back from their rightful place as the Lesser of Two Evils?

That's where the internet comes in.  A flotilla of scouts, experts, possible experts, near experts, non-experts, bloggers, paid reporters, columnists, ex-jocks and whoever the hell writes for Bleacher Report meticulously compile every type of information about every eligible player so you can make an informed decision on what your team should do.  (And since they won't do anything close to that, you have complaining rights for infinity if they screw it up.)

And once you are done poring through all of that, we at WRG invite you to read our jokey blurbs - plunked out  mostly with one hand while eating - and learn what it might really be like to be an NBA GM.

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