Monday, June 25, 2012

WRG 2012 Mock Draft - #20 Denver Nuggets

Since our roster is pretty much set for next year, we figure we can either add depth with one of the several versatile forwards available that fit our "interchangable parts" style and deep rotation, or we can bring in a backup PG to develop that can flourish in our up-tempo offense.

While we like some of these big men a lot, we are almost positive we can get one with one of our second round picks.

Here, we can't pass up the opportunity to bring in a PG who was able to flawlessly orchestrate the fast break on what was essentially a pro team.  He plays with the speed and effort that our teams are known for - and, frankly, we think he was BORN to play for us.  Sure, we would love for him to be a better outside shooter, but we can work on that.  Honestly, this pick was a no-brainer.  We love this guy.

The Nuggets select Marquis Teague, PG, Kentucky

The future Metta World Spiece

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  1. strongly considered him @ 19 for the Magic. Nuggets are thanking the gods for that one.