Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WRG 2012 Mock Draft - #28 Oklahoma City Thunder

One thing we learned in our playoff run is you can never have enough shooting.  You can carefully build your team and come up with a finished product that you are satisfied with, but then in the Finals you have James Harden flailing around trying to guard a monsterous LeBron.  That kind of stuff happens in mid-June.  We couldn't avoid it, but we know the answer is more depth and firepower off the bench.

This year we get back Eric Maynor, who we needed and will certainly help, but we also want to upgrade our perimeter shooting further so even if we have to live with matchup problems on defense, we can at least keep up on the scoreboard.  We couldn't do that with our tired stars and it really cost us.

Here we have what we believe is a top-notch specialist who will almost certainly be able to shoot over 40% from long range and open things up for our many offensive weapons.  We also think he's a better athlete than most players in his role and can be coached to fit in with what we do on both ends.  He's got some room to grow while he's knocking down all those threes.

The Thunder selects John Jenkins, SG, Vanderbilt

It's not an NBA draft unless Vanderbilt has three players go in the first round.

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