Monday, June 25, 2012

WRG 2012 Mock Draft - #19 Orlando Magic

New coach. New GM. Our star wants out. Our PG is a free agent. We don't have much young talent outside of Ryan Anderson. We just need good basketball players. It doesn't matter what position, we need young talent and a new start.

We are gonna go for a prospect who we think is a top 10 player based on potential in this draft.

With the 19th pick, the Orlando Magic select Moe Harkless, F, St. John's.

I'm in the NBA?!?!

We love Moe Harkless's potential. He averaged 15 ppg and 8 rpg as a freshman in the Big East. He has great size for a SF, but a little bit of a PF's game. That suits us well, as our only young talent, Ryan Anderson is a PF who likes to shoot from 3. He compliments him well, but we just need the best player available (it's not a myth!), and Harkless is at the top of our boards. If he develops like we hope, we just got a steal.

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