Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WRG 2010 Mock Draft - #30 Washington Wizards

We don't have much, but at least now we have a centerpiece that's on the court instead of in court.

And since we still have a few knuckleheads around, we need someone with the toughness and maturity to protect our man from both opponents and the destructive forces on our own roster.

We could also use a guy who can bring some excitement, play hard defense, run the break, block shots, get in the passing lanes, be a part of many different lineups and generally take care of the dirty work no one else we have is willing to do.

We would be lucky to find a player like with the last pick of the first round - the David Stern round - that can do some of these things, but to get a guy who can play a lot of minutes and do all of them is just blind fortune.

So the commissioner announces that we select Trevor Booker, and after he does he quietly disappears into the night, returning to the lair from whence he came. When will he emerge again? We don't know. But he won't be stopped until he has achieved world domination, and absolutely no one will be surprised.

Now, here's that pasty, no talent Adam Silver to ruin the second round once again. Booooooooooooooooo!!!!!!
Trevor Booker, and the only guns he needs.

WRG Mock Draft 2010 - #29 Orlando Magic

We know we aren't going to draft a starter at this pick since it's the end of the first round and we are a title contender. Since both of our backup point guards are free agents (Anthony Johnson & Jason Williams), we could use someone there. We could also use a play-making wing, which we missed big time by Hedo Turkoglu's departure. We could even use a big man who can score with his back to the basket (hopefully that lights a fire under Dwights ass!).

There are a couple guys we like that fit into these categories. Darington Hobson is a very nice playmaker on the wing. He's a do-it-all forward and can give us the same type of player that Hedo was, although not on his level...yet. But we aren't taking Mr. Hobson. We are going for a big point guard to backup up little Jameer Nelson.

It's not a deep point guard draft, but one player is still there that we like, and can help us immediately: Mikhail Torrance. He adds size to the backcourt (6-5), a solid backup point guard and can contribute immediately since he stayed in college all four years.
We hope the Celtics draft #21.

WRG Mock Draft 2010 - #28 Memphis Grizzlies

Let me tell you, when we saw polar bears on that "Lost" island - what a sense of relief came over our whole franchise.  If polar bears can be wandering around on some tropical island, who's to say you won't see a grizzly or two munching on tourists at Graceland or bopping down Beale street enjoying some tunes.

Then they came up with all that time-shifting nonsense, and maybe the place was purgatory and all that.  We don't know and we don't want to know.  It bums us out a little.  We liked it the old, confusing way where our name made some sense.

So, yeah, our frontcourt is fine and we've been hanging on to our underwhelming lottery PG for a while now - so we are going to take Armon Johnson here and hope he's the best of the crop of athletic combo guards still on the board.  We think he's the most well-rounded of them and probably the best mix of scoring ability, shooting, defense and potential at the point.

The "H" stands for, "Hi, Memphis, you don't know me, but my name is Armon Johnson and I was the second best player on Nevada, and even though I bet you are not that excited your team drafted me I am going to work really hard and - hey - I can't be any worse than Allen Iverson, right?"

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

WRG 2010 Mock Draft - #27 New Jersey Nets

A point guard that we like fell to us in the 20's? Everyone thought he'd be gone by now, but he's still there. Where have we heard this one before?

We are certain that Avery Bradley isn't the second coming of Marcus Williams. When we came into the draft, we wanted to target a shooter at this pick. Avery Bradley is a solid shooter, but he also has the potential to be a lock down defender, and can play point guard.

We didn't expect to ever see Avery Bradley at this pick, so we are thrilled. He's young and has loads of potential, but with his defensive skills he can come in and give us solid minutes right away. This is a pick not only for the future, but it will help us immediately.

If you think he's in your face now, wait till you see his defense.

WRG 2010 Mock Draft - #26 Oklahoma City Thunder

The Boston Celtics set the blueprint for winning an NBA Championship.  Gather some young assets and high picks, trade them for veteran stars and those hungry players will get everyone to buy into defense and team play.  Being an instant contender is where it's at.  Only suckers wait patiently for their own players to develop into a contending unit.  Teams like the Trailblazers that try this route never get there.  You need the established stars to win.

Well, the Thunder is here to flip that blueprint - and we want to start this year.

We think we have as good a player as anyone, and we chose very carefully who to bring in to play with him.  They fit together.  They have similar personalities.  They know each others' games.  They are a unit.

This is the first year we made the playoffs, and we took the eventual champions to seven games.  Eventually, they beat us, but we made them work as hard or harder than anyone.  We think what eventually did us in was our failure to match their size.  Our team is talented and cohesive, but a team with a blatant physical advantage over us is tough to beat in a long series, and we don't want to be at that disadvantage again.

So the Thunder select Solomon Alabi, who is a legitimately sized center who fits with our team's demeanor and gives us a developing player who is specifically targeted at teams who try to wear us down with sheer size.  He has a terrific defensive presence right away, and some surprising little skills on the other end we think he can build on.  This is notice.  We are serious and we are not just going to draft a Eurostash here.  We are ready now.  We are the new blueprint.

 "You want me to stop the Lakers?!"

Sunday, June 20, 2010

WRG 2010 Mock Draft - #25 Memphis Grizzlies

Our second of three first round picks. We are disappointed that the Hawks snagged Eric Bledsoe in front of us. We might as well tell you right now that we aren't thrilled with Mike Conley.

There aren't many point guards in this draft, and we feel like we can still grab one of the next tier combo guards with our next pick, so we are gonna go with who we feel is the best player still available and a guy with a lot of potential in Larry Sanders.

Sanders gives us a big man who can run the floor, which is something we don't have. Thabeet, Gasol & Randolph are all plodding big men, and we think Sanders can develop into a terrific player and not just an athlete. Sanders and Thabeet in the same lineup? Try not to get swatted.
We didn't just draft Larry...we drafted his whole posse.

WRG 2010 Mock Draft - #24 Atlanta Hawks

Our primary ballhandler is likely to leave as a free agent, and our starting PG is now a role player whose career is clearly in the gloaming.

But if the draft hasn't treated us kindly in the past, here is a situation that we see as a step toward redemption.

The PG crop in this draft ranges from "a few" to "none", but a guy we think has a shot to be a special PG has actually fallen to pick #24. The only thing more incredible than that is if we ignored it and picked someone else, and that's just not the way the Hawks do things.

Atlanta selects Eric Bledsoe.  We like his excellent shooting ability and his potential as a pure PG and feel we have the system in place where he can contribute now as a scorer while he works on his game.  He's the second best PG on his team but also the second best on our draft board.  We think he's a steal.

We got Kentucky's PG! There he is!


WRG 2010 Mock Draft - #23 Minnesota Timberwolves

We already got 2 players who we think are steals in this draft: Evan Turner and Daniel Orton. We really don't want anymore rookies.

We have a couple players overseas that we'd love to bring over, especially Ricky Rubio. That looks like a long shot. Maybe Nikola Pekovic will come over? Let's hope so. Boy did we screw up that Rubio pick.

We're gonna go international again. We can afford to take someone and let them marinate overseas for a couple seasons and bring them over. We're gonna take who we think is the second best international prospect in this draft. Tibor Pleiss. In time, we feel he can be a nice asset.

He brings defense.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

WRG 2010 Mock Draft - #22 Portland Trailblazers

We are another team that is going for it now.  We have twelve players signed for this season and - to be frank - when they are healthy we can't find enough minutes for all of them.

That, of course, is the problem we would prefer to the one we actually had - which was never having all of our players available and playing together.

What we need is a set rotation where everyone knows each other and what their roles are.  If we can get to that point, we feel our roster is as dangerous as anyone's.

With this pick, we don't really need to address a position or role - we just want a guy to develop and who might give us another option up front towards the end of the season.  The one we like can also hang with our brilliant young swingman and talk about French stuff - like fries and toast.

We select the dynamic and ultra-athletic Kevin Seraphin - and hope we don't need to force him into action anytime soon.

Portland, I'm the Kevin of your dreams!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

WRG 2010 Mock Draft - #21 Oklahoma City Thunder

We have the youngest roster in the NBA and played a tough playoff series against a team in the NBA Finals. We have one of the top players in the NBA who will only get better in Kevin Durant.

Yea, we're pretty much the envy of the league. We're only going to get better, but there's still a couple things we can address.

The biggest need we would like to address is someone who can score in the post. Nick Collison is a hard nosed player, and Nenad Krstic is serviceable, but neither is that interior scorer that we're missing. Serge Ibaka looks like a great defensive minded big man, but a huge project on the offensive end. We drafted a project center last year in Byron Mullens, so he's a long ways away.

One of the calling cards of our team is great chemistry. We firmly believe that great chemistry directly leads to success. We don't want to mess with this, so any player that has any red flags with character isn't an option for us. Luckily there is a player available who fits these criteria: Craig Brackins.

Good thing that's not Reggie Evans behind me!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WRG 2010 Mock Draft - #20 San Antonio Spurs

Every year as we approach the draft, we prepare as if it is the last year before our window slams shut.

And every year it stays wide open - inviting a cool, refreshing breeze at our backs, sustaining us through the season and into the playoffs.

This year is no different, and (as usual) things have worked out for us here.  We have two main areas we need to shore up.  We need big man depth to pick up more of the dwindling minutes of our legendary superstar and our veteran power forward.  We also desperately need outside shooting to spread the floor for our incredible trio of penetrating guards.

And what has happened?  We drafted a player three years ago and stashed him away in Spain for a rainy day.  Since we are the Spurs, not only has he won the Spanish League MVP but he led his team to the league championship.  Now he's ready to be a Spur.  He's ready to be our umbrella.

And, since we are the Spurs, the player we think is the best pure shooter in this draft is just waiting for us to grab him.

So we bless-ed, the San Antonio Spurs, select James Anderson - who probably won't have a hand in his face all season.  May the gentle breezes from the Rio Grande to the Gulf of Mexico be always at his back.

This only happens to players on lesser teams.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

WRG 2010 Mock Draft - #19 Boston Celtics

You wish you were as smart as us. Finish in the middle of the playoff pack, get a nice draft slot, turn it on and go to the NBA Finals. It's a blueprint for success. Now all we gotta do is make a good pick.

We could use a backup point guard. A couple options are available for us. Eric Bledsoe and Avery Bradley are both solid prospects, but they have their question marks. They are both young and saw limited time at the point. We're not sure if they are capable. We'll pass on those guys.

We could use a wing off the bench who can score. Tony Allen is a nice rotation player, but a scorer he is not. We immediately notice that there's a scoring wing still available who played on a great team last year. That's the kind of guy we want. The Celtics aren't just a team, we are a family. Gordon Hayward was on the Butler team who went to the NCAA Championship game last year. We love winners, and Gordon Hayward is a winner. Plus, we need a white guy to be a fan favorite who actually plays (sorry Scalabrine).

We'll take that big pasty kid.

WRG 2010 Mock Draft - #18 Miami Heat

Well, it's the draft.  It's not our first priority right now, but we do need players.

We ditched our whole team so we could sign free agents.  We developed nobody and are in jeopardy of losing a once-in-a-lifetime superstar.  We have a terrific young coach we may have to fire because we figure free agents would rather play for the big name executive we currently have on the payroll.  We have one high draft pick left (which we earned by being terrible and underachieving) who we are for some reason trying to trade to create more cap room for players that may or may not come here.

Well, we still have sunny weather and happening hot spots. 

Since we have next to no players on the roster, we have to take someone who can play right now - which is fine because we don't develop players anyway.

We see a guy here who is a hard worker, plays great defense, can guard several positions and can shoot.  He should fit with any team we wind up putting on the floor this year - whether it's a few superstars who need role players to support them or a bunch of scrubs who need a young player to produce numbers. 

The Heat select Damion James.  He might be from Texas, but he's got a surprisingly good shot to be King of Miami.

Damion James - Late on the scene? 

Monday, June 14, 2010

WRG 2010 Mock Draft - #17 Chicago Bulls

In the grand scheme of things, this draft ranks very low on our off-season priorities. Trying to lure Lebron or Dwyane to Chicago is a much bigger deal. We'll deal with that when the time comes, though.

For now, we want some backcourt depth. Preferably a scoring guard off the bench. Tom Thibodeau is our new head coach, and he's defensive minded, so naturally we'll draft someone with a more offensive game. Yea, we're a screwy front office, let's just throw that out there now.

We want a player who can stretch the defensive and score from anywhere on the court. We see one player with those skills who we loved due to his NCAA tournament performance. We know he can play on the big stage, and in Chicago, you need that.

We select Jordan Crawford from Xavier. Now when we sign Lebron, LBJ won't have to worry about getting dunked on.

Where's Lebron?

WRG 2010 Mock Draft - #16 Minnesota Timberwolves

This is the second of our three picks, so we need to use it on a player we think won't be around seven slots from now when we go again.

We need depth at almost every position, and we have some issues scoring the ball.  Our two best players play the same position and were not very compatible last year.  Last year, we wasted a top five pick on a player who is doing exactly nothing to help us.

But our real problem is we can't stop anyone from scoring - ever - at any point in the game, and we have absolutely no toughness in the paint.

So before we can't get anyone to help with that, Minnesota selects Daniel Orton, who can help us right away simply by being big, and will help us in the future by being a smart, skilled true center we hopefully can rely on for years to come.

 Whaaa? Who the hell is this guy?
He's on Kentucky? 

WRG 2010 Mock Draft - #15 Milwaukee Bucks

We hit a home run last year with Brandon Jennings. Go us!

Now we're getting greedy. We want another home run. We would have liked to draft a wing as insurance in case J Salmons leaves, and who knows if Michael Redd will give us anything, but the ones that we were targeting got snatched up ahead of us. We can definitely use some frontcourt depth, and there are some intriguing upside options out there for us to consider. We have our eye on a certain young big man who we can ease into the NBA by limiting his minutes to start his young career and let him develop behind Andrew Bogut. We're going for the home run. We want Hassan Whiteside.

We like that Hassan is athletic and can run with Brandon Jennings when he comes in the game. We like his immense defensive potential. We plan for Hassan to be a home run pick.

I bet those long arms could do a number on a cow's teat.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

WRG 2010 Mock Draft - #14 Houston Rockets

We thought we were rebuilding last year, but we shocked ourselves and everyone else by coming out like a house on fire - and it landed us at the very end of the lottery.

We're not complaining, though.  We have the MIP, and he is half of one of the most exciting backcourt combos in the league.

Up front, though, we have issues.  Our franchise center is a huge question mark.  We feel we should plan for the worst case scenario in regards to him.  We are also concerned with our UFA forward who is so valuable to us. We want him back, but we can't be sure that's going to happen.

The good news here is that a lot of quality big men have fallen to us.  That is unusual and unexpected, but we are not complaining.

Our choices run the gamut from polished and mature to "so raw he can barely play".  We'd normally hedge and go somewhere in the middle, but in this case we need a guy who can take over a key role if needed and do a representative job.  There's only one remaining player we think can do that.  We also think his temperament matches our current roster and that he will feel right at home with us.

The Rockets select Patrick Patterson, a very pleasant surprise and a much needed addition to our team.

You sure this is right? I thought he was taller. 
And in color.

WRG 2010 Mock Draft - #13 Toronto Raptors

We have holes aplenty. Turkoglu wants to be traded & Bosh is more into twitter than basketball. Our center is a perimeter PF. We don't have much quality depth.

We could go a number of ways here, but we're gonna go with the best fit. We want a player who is a professional. We don't want him asking his twitter followers where he should play or sign. We don't want him to sign with us and then renege on his contract a year later and ask for a trade. We're gonna purge our franchise of undesirables and add players who fits into our culture.

After we let Bosh walk and trade Turkoglu, we have two major holes: SF and big man.

There are a number of big men, but a lot of the good big men left right now are huge question marks and need time to develop. We don't want that. We want someone we know is going to be solid, so we're looking at wings. The player we want even sounds like a French-Canadian. Xavier Henry.


WRG 2010 Mock Draft - #12 Memphis Grizzlies

Brass tacks.

We would love to tweak our improved roster using this draft and upgrade at backup PG or add a situational defensive grinder type to get us some late stops.

However, we have a key player who is a restricted free agent who we don't want to pay, so we aren't doing any of that.

Luckily for us, a raw, cheap version of this player has fallen into our laps.

The Memphis Grizzlies select Paul George.  He may not be an upgrade, but when we watch him we will get the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with not downing Tums like M&Ms from being locked into a ridiculously risky $80M contract.

Not Gay

WRG 2010 Mock Draft - #11 New Orleans Hornets

This is simple.

We need depth, everywhere except PG.

This draft doesn't have many good point guards anyway. We can just take the player who we think is the best, regardless of position at this spot. We hoped someone would fall to us, and Greg Monroe did. Not only do we look at Monroe as the best player available, but he's from New Orleans. It's a match made in the bayou.

We're happy to have a little depth in the frontcourt for once. And we're even happier that we won't have to play Sean Marks.

Welcome home, Big Greg.

WRG 2010 Mock Draft - #10 Indiana Pacers

Apparently we came to terms with LeBron not coming to Indianapolis early on, because we have 12 players signed through next season.

We also love our big program college players.  We have two National Players of the Year and our players have made eleven All-American squads.  If we were eligible to go to the Final Four, we would be close to a lock!

Of course, that means our players were in college long enough to cash in all those honors, and that's really the problem.  We have savvy, mature players who work hard, but we are at a talent deficit against almost every team in the league.

So with this pick we would like to add a player who represents the first step in changing that.

To be honest, we would be better off trading some of our players and trying to move up a few spots, but at this pick there are still a few high-ceiling young  players we can develop.

Highest on our board are a couple of big men, so we will take the one that can play the four and fits best with our H&H frontcourt - Hibbert and Hansbrough.  He's a familiar face to the latter, backing up the iconic star at North Carolina.  We believe those roles will eventually be reversed for us.

With the tenth pick, the Indiana Pacers select Ed Davis.  We still love our big program players, but this time the player we are taking will hopefully have a lot more future accolades than past ones.

 Thousands of Ed Davises have lived in Indiana, 
but none have ever dunked a basketball.

WRG 2010 Mock Draft - #9 Utah Jazz

This pick certainly has made the rounds. Acquired in 2004 from the Suns (who acquired it from the Knicks earlier in the year), the protection has finally ran out. It's a nice luxury to have a top 10 pick coming off a second round playoff exit, especially since we traded our original pick in a separate deal (Kyle Korver).

Carlos Boozer and Kyle Korver are our two biggest free agents, and we could use some help to replace them. We hope to re-sign Korver, and one of our top draft targets on the wing was just snatched up ahead of us by those pesky Clippers in Luke Babbitt, so we are gonna look towards the front court.

Losing Boozer will be a blow, but we have Paul Millsap waiting in the wings. We're ready to unleash the beast, but we still need to add to the depth in the frontcourt. We really want to add something we've been missing in the frontcourt for a while: athleticism. Boozer, Millsap, Okur...all solid players, but below the rim. We haven't had an athletic big man since The Mailman.

We don't want a project player. We want someone who can come in and contribute, has a good attitude, and is a Jerry Sloan type player. One player fits all these requirements to a tee. That player is Ekpe Udoh.

Udoh's 23 years old and has impressed us with his interviews. He's a good kid, will add athleticism and shot blocking to the front court, as well as a versatile offensive threat. We can't wait to see "The Nightmare" in a Jazz uniform.

Congrats! You're now the 6th black guy in Utah!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

WRG 2010 Mock Draft - #8 Los Angeles Clippers

Wants are important.  It's not all about needs.  We need everything.  But what do the Clippers want?

What we want with this pick is a guy who is young enough to have untapped potential, but who can play big minutes for us on day one.  We want a wing player or pure PF who can play facing the basket.

When we look at the board, we see a lot of young projects and older players near their ceilings.  We think we are too talented to take on projects.  We are above average at the positions we have filled and we have the cap space to be that way for at least one more.  However, at pick #8, we don't want a specialist or a guy who only does dirty work.  We need a player that is going to give us real production.

We probably would be best off trading up or down from here, but while we see no perfect choice, we think we can get someone here that mostly fits our criteria - our wants.

So with the eighth pick in the 2010 draft we take a guy who is young enough to develop physically and on the court, has shown great skills and big-time production and fills a few huge weaknesses in our team.  We select lefty Luke Babbitt - the guy who will give us most exactly what we want.

Luke was named a McDonald's All-American for 
his outstanding performance working at McDonald's

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

WRG 2010 Mock Draft - #7 Detroit Pistons

2010 Free Agent Class? Pshhh. We already plundered the 2009 class. Who needs Wade & Bosh when we already got Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva. It's not like they haven't played up to what we signed them for. It's not like we screwed our cap situation by overpaying for these guys. Oh wait. We did. Crap.

We got Rodney Stuckey. He's pretty good at scoring, but nothing else. Rip Hamilton? Scorer, not much else. Charlie V? Solid scorer, not good at anything else. Ben Gordon? Elite scorer. That's it.

What the hell have we been doing? Not only did we screw ourself in free agency, we have no inside presence. The same team who prided themselves as "the Bad Boys" are now starting an undersized Swedish guy at PF? What happened?

We need to rebuild from the inside out. We need toughness on the inside, we need size, we need someone who can do something besides score. So with our first round pick, we are gonna go with the rugged throwback center, Cole Aldrich. He may not be athletic or a great scorer, but he'll grab some boards, rattle some rims and hopefully knock some teeth out.


Monday, June 7, 2010

WRG 2010 Mock Draft - #6 Golden State Warriors


What is it?  What does it mean?  Does it exist just to torture fantasy owners?  How much longer will it last?

All good questions, and all reasons why it's almost impossible to draft for this team.

Needs?  Throw them out the window.  Nellie doesn't care about positions.  He'll play five guys who can't shoot.  He'll play lineups with no ballhandler who can dribble five feet.  He'll play five D leaguers who have been on the roster for a week over $180M worth of contracts and lottery picks.

You can't talk to him.  There's no reasoning with him.  It either works or it doesn't.  This pick won't change that.

So with the sixth pick in the 2010 draft, the Golden State Warriors select the available player we think has the most potential to be a superstar - Al-Farouq Aminu.  We hope he survives through Nellieball and beyond.

Coming to a milk carton near you?

Friday, June 4, 2010

WRG 2010 Mock Draft - #5 Sacramento Kings

Tyreke Evans looks like the real deal. Now we need to alleviate the pressure off of him. We have two lottery picks already in the frontcourt (Hawes, Thompson). They're serviceable enough...for now.

We're down to 2 players on our board. Wesley Johnson & Al-Farouq Aminu. We like the fact that Wesley Johnson can come in and play right away and is a good outside shooter, which Al-Farouq struggles with. We could really use someone that could stretch the defense, and this is why Wesley is the pick for us.

He doesn't need the ball in his hands to be effective, is a good defender, shooter, and rebounder. He's a perfect complement to the ball-dominating Tyreke that we love.

#4, and I'm the #4 pick! What?! #4 is retired in Sactown? NOOOOO!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

WRG 2010 Mock Draft - #4 Minnesota Timberwolves

We're so cool right now.  Nobody is freaking out.  We all have very professional looks on our faces.

Juuuuuust walk slowly to the podium and hand in the card.  Don't strut - just stroll.  Be cool, man.  Be cool.

We are all Fonzies right now.  And what is Fonzie like?  What is Fonzie like?

He's cool.  That's what we are.  Cool.

Oh, yeah.  We are so cool.

With the 4th pick in the 2010 draft, the Minnesota TIMBERWOLVES SELECT!!!!!!!!!  - um.  Ahem. (coolfonziescool)  The Minnesota Timberwolves select Evan Turner.  Whew.

 Hello, Barcelona?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

WRG 2010 Mock Draft - #3 New Jersey Nets

What is this? We had the worst record this year and almost set the record for worst in the history of the NBA. Surely, we want John Wall. Surely, we deserve John Wall.

Oh wait, we got the 3rd pick? How did that happen?

This doesn't seem fair, but we'll have to make do. Luckily the #2 pick plays the one position that we're set at: center.

We have 2 players on our board. We'll probably explore a trade here, as the T'Wolves apparently love Evan Turner. We still have to consider Turner. He's a safe pick, and may not be great, but it's almost definite that he'll be good.

The player we really want is a PF...which is what we've been missing since K-Mart left. Derrick Favors has the potential to be a star, and we're going for the home run. Brook Lopez and Derrick Favors on our front line? Sign us up.

Our new owner is rich. Cap space is aplenty. Brooklyn comes calling. Things are looking up for the Nets.

In Russia, ball dunks you!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

WRG 2010 Mock Draft - #2 Philadelphia 76ers

Our organization hasn't had much luck.  We gave out some questionable contracts and haven't been able to shed them.  We acquired an injured All-Star big man who preceded to play like an injured big man.

We had a few scrappy playoff runs but no one ever took us seriously.  We are basically in NBA hell.

So we have now shifted our focus to the draft.  We did well last year and raised our talent level, and we want to be sure to do the same this year.

We have narrowed our pick to two players who would do just that.

One is a huge risk, but a much better fit.  If we decide to keep our current roster intact, we would be very strong and pretty deep at every position.  We think we would be good right now, and everyone we are trying to develop would stay on their paths with no interruption.

The other is a player we consider a star and would certainly make our team better.  He is clearly the less risky pick.  However, we would have to make some adjustments to our roster, and we think he could impede the progress of our best young player.

To sum it up, we want to trade down.  But if we are picking here, we are taking the guy we think is right for us.  With the luck we've had, we might just be due.

With the #2 pick in the 2010 draft, the Philiadelphis 76ers select the best center on the board and the player that improves us the most - DeMarcus Cousins.

 Geno's or Pat's?  Boogie says both!

WRG 2010 Mock Draft: #1 Washington Wizards

ghoti and myself will be conducting a mock draft, taking turns picking for teams. To be clear, this is not how we predict the draft to go, but rather we will be taking the approach that we are the GM for that team, and if we were in that position, who we would draft, as if we are in charge.

We just blew our team up. We traded our core, but we are still on the hook for Gilbert Arenas' monster contract and tarnished rep.
We need talent; we need character; we need...JOHN WALL!

Welcome to the Wizards fraternity.

John Wall is far and away the best player in this draft. He's a franchise player, and we're a franchise in major need of someone to represent our team. This is a no brainer.