Monday, June 18, 2012

WRG 2012 Mock Draft - #10 New Orleans Hornets

Having two lottery picks is more than just fun.  Sometimes it allows you to take a player you might not have been able to get the most out of otherwise.

For example, winning the draft lottery has yielded us a supernatural freak who will be protecting the rim and messing up opposing offenses for as long as we can hang on to him.  We have a defensive cornerstone who will win us games right away.

Still, he is a project on the offensive end.  He hasn't grown into his frame and isn't strong enough yet.  He has offensive skills, but we think it will take a while for him to excel on that end.

So we have a chance here to take a guy who will compliment him, benefit from his incredible help defense and give us the offensive production we lack.  This guy can score in many ways and is a fully-grown bruiser, but he is short and not a guy you want guarding PFs.  He's better off pushing around skinny centers on defense.  However, on offense he is strong enough to take on anyone, freeing up our developing star to take on weaker defenders.

It's great synergy.  Too bad we won't have any lottery picks from now on.

The Hornets select Jared Sullinger, C, Ohio State

"Yaaaaaay Hornets! Baby Blue makes my eyes POP!"

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