Monday, June 25, 2012

WRG 2012 Mock Draft - #18 Minnesota Timberwolves

Our team has two cornerstone players.  One is an undersized, below-the-rim, unathletic PF who is the best rebounder in the NBA and the best shooter with the most range at his position.  Defensively, he needs a LOT of help.  The other is a flashy, young, pass-first PG with incredible skill who is very weak physically and a spotty scorer at best.  HE needs a lot of help, too.

We have a good center combination that provides scoring, size and shot blocking - but neither player has shown durability and that really hurt us last season.  If our starter goes down, we don't have enough depth to overcome it.  There is a player at this pick who could help with that, but we actually have a bigger need we can fill with a much better player here.  We are burning up the phones trying to trade for another first rounder.

Here, though, we need scoring.  We didn't have enough last season and we are poised to have even less this year.  You can't play in the NBA with unproductive wing players and win.  Luckily for us, not only is that a strength of this draft, but we feel SEVERAL lottery level wings have fallen to us.

We have some good perimeter shooters, so we really need an all-around scorer who has the potential to grow with our young team.  Incredibly, the one we like the most has fallen to us.

We feel he fell because of his and his team's performance last season.  He was on a team with inconsistent coaching that had a very poor year.  That isn't a factor for us - since we have a much more refined role for him and his development is a huge priority.  How well his skinny body can withstand the rough treatment it will get driving NBA lanes is also a concern around the league.  We aren't worried about that, either.  He'll grow.

Thank goodness he has these flaws, because we have the 18th pick and it's rare to find an athletic SG with a 6'11" wingspan who can score inside and out, handle the ball, create his own shot and defend available this late!

The Timberwolves select Jeremy Lamb, SG, Connecticut.

Minnesota??  Can I still play for the USA?

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  1. I'm lukewarm on Jeremy Lamb, but I'll take him 100 out of 100 times over Chase Budinger.