Monday, June 18, 2012

WRG 2012 Mock Draft - #13 Phoenix Suns

This could be the end of an era for us. Steve Nash looks like he could leave in free agency after we selfishly refused to trade him. It's time to rebuild.

Luckily, we DO have another area of strength in our center position with Marcin Gortat and Robin Lopez. Last year's first round pick, Markieff Morris looks promising at forward, and we feel good about that. What we really need is a guard who can create his own shot and score. We've been missing a player like that since Jason Richardson was our SG.

We, we need an explosive back court scorer. There are a couple guards here that get looks, but one in particular stands out. Do we take the guy with perhaps the most potential, but routinely disappeared at times last season? Do we take the guy who came off the bench for a collegiate powerhouse, but clashed with his coach at times? Do we take the guy with a basketball pedigree and a lot of hype, but didn't quite live up to his hype at times during his freshman season. All three of these choices have some sort of drawback, but they also have plenty of upside. We might as well pick one out of a hat, and that would be par for the course for our crappy owner. Luckily he doesn't make this pick and Kid Chocolate does.

With the 13th pick, the Phoenix Suns select Austin Rivers.

He's got balls.

What we liked about Austin Rivers a little more than the others is that he shows passion. Jeremy Lamb disappeared for half of last year at UConn, and Dion Waiters' attitude clashed with Jim Boeheim at times. Austin Rivers has the upbringing of learning from an NBA coach, and we think he has the most potential to also play a little PG eventually. Not to mention, he has the upside to be an elite scorer.

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