Sunday, June 17, 2012

WRG 2012 Mock Draft - #7 Golden State Warriors

Well, we certainly didn't expect Brad Beal to fall to us. Too bad we took our 2 guard of the future last year. Klay Thompson worked out more than we could have hoped for. He's our starter for life! (or until we decide to trade him on a whim, but don't tell him that!) 

This is the part of the draft where we're holding a big sign over the podium asking who wants to trade up for Beal. He's a great talent, but he just doesn't make any sense for us to take. Since we can't trade in this spot in this specific draft, we're going to have to pass on him and take a player who makes much more sense for OUR team. 

We do have a lot of guards. Steph Curry is an elite talent, albeit he has injury concerns. Charles Jenkins is a young talent off the bench, and we have capable backups at each guard spot. We love Klay Thompson. We cannot say this enough. WE LOVE KLAY THOMPSON! 

We'd like to add some much needed athleticism to our front court. Our target is a versatile front court player who can guard multiple positions, defend and add the aforementioned athleticism. This player is unlike any other big man on our roster. He's a winner. This man, our man, is Terrence Jones.

With the 7th pick, the Warriors select Terrence Jones.

The guy guarding him is a projected 9th rounder.

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