Saturday, June 16, 2012

WRG 2012 Mock Draft - #5 Sacramento Kings

Lots of question marks here. What do we do with Tyreke Evans? We're exploring trade options for him as we speak, but we're still not really sure what position he plays.

DeMarcus Cousins looks like a cornerstone big man, but his maturity issues will always leave question marks.

The Jimmer didn't light up the league like we thought he would.

The rest of our team is filled with journey-men, role players, and unproven young guys. We do have a lot of young guards, though. Problem is that there aren't really any big men we feel are worthy of this pick.

Two guys are really in the running for our pick, from a pure talent perspective. They are Brad Beal and Harrison Barnes. We like both players a lot, but what really makes this pick for us is the fact that Harrison Barnes can play SF, while Beal can only play guard.

With the 5th pick, the Sacramento Kings select Harrison Barnes, SF, UNC.


We not only like that Harrison is a talented player who can score at the 3 spot, but his athleticism tested off the charts at the combine, and he interviews as a very mature player. Our team can really use some maturity and hope it rubs off on some of our other young guys.

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